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Another big decision...
Published on August 4, 2007 By Body-Philosophy In Ethics
Now this is interesting. We put up another poll on our site (link) where we wanted to know where people hold their ethics...Suppose your fiance had a nose job before you and him/ her met....are they obligated to tell you before you become wed? The current standing on the site is 54% to 46% so I thought I'd throw it out to the JU community, y'all always have the answers!
on Aug 04, 2007
Umm, no I don't think so, but it seems like something that might come up at some point.

If you used to be 50 lbs lighter (or heavier) before you met and married, are you obligated to tell them you used to be thin (or fat)?
on Aug 04, 2007
The question implicitly defines nose-jobs as being somewhere near a notable activity. They are stunningly irrelvant to 99% of the population, who have more sense. I married my wife for who she is, not who she was or could be, much less because she may be able to transform herself into some silly wannabe celebrity image and bolster the contributions to the plastic surgeon's 401K.

Obligated to tell me? I could care less. Take that as a 'No' I guess

(I glanced at that site - why the hell would anyone want to go through "Anal Whitening"? Rhetorical question ....... I hope .... and I thought nose jobs were irrelevant to mankinds progress ....)
on Aug 04, 2007
I would hope that by the time you marry someone you probably saw a picture of them at their parents house or something. Either their face really grew or they had a nose job. I always saw my boyfriend's photos from when they were kids. The funniest are the mom's that pull out the embarassing pictures. "Look at that schnoz - it cost us $5,000 to get it fixed but it was worth every penny."
on Aug 05, 2007
glanced at that site - why the hell would anyone want to go through "Anal Whitening"? Rhetorical question

I didn't check out the site, but I've heard of people who do that....something that makes you wonder what the heck....!!
on Aug 05, 2007
Now I think we're on to something here! Seriously, genetically speaking the nose really is one of the more distinct features...
on Aug 05, 2007
I had really not thought of it that way, LW.

I guess that would matter.

I have a terrible nose. The Sullivan side of my family is full of unfortunate noses. Bah.
on Aug 06, 2007
At first I thought, "It happened before you were together so there is no obligation." But after reading the comments there is probably some obligation, but outside of obligation locamama is right, you would most likely figure it out! I think it would probably also come up in conversation at some point.
on Aug 07, 2007

If your plans involve having children, yes I think you're obligated to tell your spouse.

Otherwise, how are they gonna field those questions GAWD, where did she get that BEAK?

That was exactly what I thought when I read the question.  Can you image a man blaming his wife of infidelity because the kids nose looked nothing like his or his wifes "perfect" nose?

I, personally, don't like the idea of plastic surgery unless it is fixing a medical flaw (like the shape of the nose makes it hard to breathe, or the facial structure causes difficulty eating, etc.)  So, I never really thought about it.  I told my husband everything about myself, though, so if I wouldn't have had something like that, I would have told him.

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